Gamberettis has been around for 10 years and we are now elevating our causal! We still want to be fresh, local and affordable but we want to take it to the next level. We now will have fresh made pasta in-house used in the restaurant and in the market. We have a team that is dedicated to being elevated!  We want food, service, and experience to be that of fun, food, fresh and the Gamberettis experience! Our Managers have heart, drive and care what you think. We all meet, taste, challenge ourselves to elevate our standards.  We also laugh, share and bond!  It takes a team and they are all amazing!  I feel fortunate to have them on my team and know that some point they will move on, yet we will still stay a part of a growing family. 

Leadership Team

Our Meals are prepared daily in Gamberetti’s restaurants.

Treva Gambs


Halden Jensen

Assistant Manager – Salem

David Giron

Assistant Manager – Albany

Olvia Cogar

General Manager – Salem

Alex Loomis

General Manager – Albany

David Johnson

Executive Chef

Ray Boyle

Kitchen Manager – Albany

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